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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you describe your photography style? 

It's important to me that many years from now your pictures will remain timeless.  I typically do not lean into trends so that you are able to display your memories for years to come.  My photographs capture posed and candid moments between loved ones typically in vibrant colors.

How long is the turnaround to receive edited photos?

I pride myself in that I provide quick turnaround times for my clients. Typically, the entire process is less than two weeks (depending on the time of year). 

How will the photos be delivered?

The photos will be delivered through a link that connects directly to a Dropbox. 

Do I have full digital rights to my pictures once delivered? 

Yes, once delivered, you have the rights to do whatever you would like with the photographs. I do, however, ask for credit by name for any businesses that use my work for any public or marketing purposes.  I also request that when you post a picture on any social media site, to please tag me.

Do you watermark your photos? 

No. I strongly believe the photos you purchase should not be watermarked. 

Do you provide unedited raw photos to your clients?

No, only culled, edited photos will be provided.

What if there is inclement weather for our scheduled session?

I will happily do my best to reschedule our session to another date at
no cost to you!

What do I do with my hands?

For most, taking pictures can feel awkward at first. It is my job as
your photographer to help guide you to some natural positions that
will look great in your photos. I encourage you to interact with your
partner or families members as much as possible.  Some of the best
photos can come from loved ones embracing, dancing or joking with each

What do I wear? (The most asked question of my clients!)

Styling tips to help you look amazing in your photos:

  • For family photos, I typically I tell the mother to shop her closet first.  Find something you feel fabulous in and choose your family's clothes around that

         particular outfit.

  • Don't match...Coordinate! Pick a palette of 2-3 solid colors.

  • Keep clothing simple and comfortable. 

  • Spray tans rarely look good in professional photography. 

  • Keep trends, accessories and makeup to a minimum. 

  • Flip flops should be reserved for beach pictures only.

"What I particularly loved about our experience with Rebekah, as any mother can appreciate, was her professional insight she so freely shared when it came to deciding on what our family should wear and the setting of our shoot. She is truly amazing at what she does. Rebekah Byrne earned a never-ending list of praise from us, but I’ll end my review with this: Rebekah attains exactly what any parent hopes for in a picture. She captures the essence of your family."

-Laura Leigh, Fort Worth, TX

What Clients Say...

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